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Save the Date - May 2020 - Vedic Meditation Long Weekend Retreat

Menla Mountain Reteat Centre, New York State

The 2020 Memorial Day Long Weekend Retreat – Menla Mountain Retreat Centre – Friday May 22 to Monday May 25.

Come and join Neil and Melanie for a long weekend of Nature, Nurture and Knowledge in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York.

To Register your interest and for any questions about the Retreat, please contact us here or

Past Events

"The Power of Pressing Pause"

125 E 12th Street NYC 10003

Come and join us on Tuesday November 19th for a Soft Road talk – an evening of knowledge and interaction about the transformative power of pressing pause. To access the graceful and spacious state between full on and switched off.

Learn why pressing pause is so vital for our health, our creativity, our very humanity. Receive practical guidance on what to do, and how to do it – be equipped to reap the benefits in your own experience of life.

The evening will include a group meditation.

Learn Vedic Meditation in Saratoga Springs - 4 Day Course - November 2019

Central Saratoga Springs - location confirmed on registration

We’re delighted to offer a Group Course to learn the easy and effortless technique of Vedic meditation during our time in Saratoga Springs. The course runs over 4 consecutive days (November 10th to November 13th), with a 90 minute session each day.

The course will be taught in a small group, at a private home in central Saratoga Springs.

You can find more information about Vedic meditation on our website here.

Come along to the Introduction to Vedic Meditation Talk on Saturday November 9 at 5pm – Register for this talk, and for the other talks we’ll be giving, follow this link to Eventbrite.

RSVP to find out more.

The Soft Road in Saratoga Springs

Gideon Putnam Hotel, Saratoga Springs

Come and join us for Knowledge Talks and Meditation Teaching in the beautiful location of Saratoga Springs in Upstate New York.

We’re delighted to be sponsored for this series of events by COESA, Saratoga Performing Artrs Centre & Yoga Mandali

The Talks will be held at the Gideon Putnam Hotel, Saratoga Springs – follow the link below to Register.

Rest As Action – Friday November 8

Introduction to Vedic Meditation – Saturday November 9

The Myth Of Making It Happen – Monday November 11

Guru Purnima Special Celebration


An invitation to come along to a special Group Meditation.

The full moon in July is an auspicious time in many calendars including the Vedic calendar.  It is the fullest moon of the year, when the moon is closest to the earth in all its orbits.  This year this falls on 16th July.

This day is referred to Guru Purnima and all over India, and in many parts of the world, puja ceremonies are held to give thanks to the teachers in our lives who have helped us on our spiritual and academic journeys.

You are invited to join us for Guru Purnima on 16th July.

In our Vedic tradition we celebrate this full moon with stories, snacks, sweets, and chai!

Weather permitting, we’ll take a walk in the moonlight later that evening to appreciate its fullness.

This event is for Vedic meditators – address supplied on RSVP.

The Soft Road Vedic Meditation Weekend Retreat - Menla Mountain Retreat Center, Upstate New York - May 24 - 27 2019

Menla Mountain Centre, Catskill Mountains, upstate NYC


Life draws us ever outwards in a stream of constant demands and activity. We live in a modern world that’s more and more prescriptive—and as we get inundated with instructions, it’s all too common to become stuck in “what to do”, rather than “how to be”.

As a consequence, we can lose confidence and trust in our own sense of being, doubting the cues from within. We become disconnected from the practices and inner resources that support us—life becoming harder and harder. Yet this is not our natural state.

There is a different experience of life infused with internal stability, self trust, intuitive guidance, and greater happiness sourced from within. We call this The Soft Road.

Come and enjoy this opportunity for Retreat with master Vedic teachers and founders of The Soft Road, Neil and Melanie Kirkbride. Surrender to the simple structure of the days, be nurtured and supported, immerse in the peaceful setting, and experience the insights and profound benefits that come as we let go of do, do, do.

For millennia the call to Retreat has been integral to personal transformation. This conscious choice to remove from familiar surroundings and detach from distraction is even more relevant now—an increasingly rare opportunity to recalibrate and establish deeper foundations from which to progress.

Daily knowledge sessions explore the vast potential of our inner capacities and their power to guide us in how to be now. These explorations include direct experience and teaching of how to cultivate these inner resources and apply them in modern life.

On this Retreat meditators can deepen their practice with “industrial-strength meditation”, also known as Rounding. No prior experience of Rounding is necessary; expert teaching and supervision is included.

The 4-day course to learn Vedic meditation is a pre-requisite for this Retreat.

Those who would like to participate, but who have not yet taken the course, can request to learn Vedic meditation from Melanie and Neil over the Retreat weekend. An additional fee will apply. For further details email

Retreat participants who wish to use this opportunity to meet the Rounding pre-requisite for Vedic Meditation Initiator Training should contact us on Registration.


“I have asked Neil and Melanie Kirkbride to take over our annual New York retreat because of their extraordinary life experiences and accomplishments even prior to being trained as Initiators….You will leave the retreat with not only a more profound understanding of the Vedic world view, but most importantly, how to use it as a practical outlet in your everyday life and living.”



For any questions about the Retreat, please contact us here or



Workshop - How to Be With Your Self in the Age of Distraction

The Assemblage (NoMad), 114 E25th Street, NYC
Co-hosted with Giancarlo Pitocco, Founder of Purposeful

Our unhealthy relationship to technology is holding us back from being present with our Selves and skillfully, purposefully navigating our lives.

This interactive session will empower you with new perspective and techniques to transform your relationship to distractive technology so that you can be more present with yourself, in your life, and with those around you.

"The Art Of Relationship"

Tick Studio, 44 E3rd Street, NYC

An Expanded Perspective of a Human Experience.

This talk will introduce the Veda’s teaching on the core human experience – relationships – the source, and theatre, for our evolution and growth. This knowledge will provide us with a new perspective, and how to apply this to our personal and professional relationships, for a more elegant experience of life!

Expect an evening that is thought provoking and entertaining, with plenty of opportunity for interaction.

The evening includes a Group Meditation

Free Intro Talk to Vedic Meditation

- 1 hr - Chelsea, NYC - location confirmed on registration

Come find out more about this easy, effortless technique. Anyone can do it, no matter how busy – benefits come quickly, and keep coming.

Free of charge and no obligation to learn. If interested and this time doesn’t work,contact us at

Master Class For Meditators - "The Many Faces of Stress Release"

2 hrs, Free Of Charge - Chelsea, NYC - location confirmed on registration

Take your knowledge to another level about one of the most important aspects of our practice – stress release and the unwinding of stress.

Recognise the presence of stress release, inside and outside of meditation. Develop personal strategies for stability. What happens as your practice deepens, and how to avoid “re-cycling”.

There are only 10 places available for this class – register now to reserve your spot!

"Becoming Enlightened in New York"

Hoffman Creative, 315 W39th Street, NYC

Is this a contradiction in terms? What does it mean to live and work in a higher state of consciousness in 21st century New York – and how to cultivate this in yourself?

Stepping beyond the mystical, independent of occupation and individual circumstances, this relatable talk helps us recognise the qualities, behaviours and experiences of an “enlightened” individual – the steps to get there and keep going!

The evening includes a Group Meditation.

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