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Guru Purnima Special Celebration


An invitation to come along to a special Group Meditation.

The full moon in July is an auspicious time in many calendars including the Vedic calendar.  It is the fullest moon of the year, when the moon is closest to the earth in all its orbits.  This year this falls on 16th July.

This day is referred to Guru Purnima and all over India, and in many parts of the world, puja ceremonies are held to give thanks to the teachers in our lives who have helped us on our spiritual and academic journeys.

You are invited to join us for Guru Purnima on 16th July.

In our Vedic tradition we celebrate this full moon with stories, snacks, sweets, and chai!

Weather permitting, we’ll take a walk in the moonlight later that evening to appreciate its fullness.

This event is for Vedic meditators – address supplied on RSVP.

Past Events

The Soft Road in New York, USA

Hoffman Creative

In May 2016, The Soft Road gave a knowledge talk on “Trusting Your Intuition”, hosted at the studio of branding and design firm Hoffman Creative.

We also participated in a seminar on “The Art of Leadership”, taught by Thom Knoles, pre-eminent master teacher and thought leader in the integration of the cognitive sciences, human consciousness, and the 5,000 year-old body of wisdom known as the Veda.

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