Water The Roots

I’ve lived in apartments for around 20 years.  The most gardening I’ve done is a few herbs and geraniums in pots.

Over this period the garden I feel most connected to is my brother’s in Surrey.  Looking out now at the mature trees and shrubs, towering willows and wildflower meadow – it is a sight of great beauty.

We are offspring of a keen gardener.   Though our “gardens” may be at opposite ends of the scale, we both understand the value of watering the roots, taking care of the fundamentals.  Knowing that by doing so the fruits and flowers come.

As it is in nature, so it is in our lives.  What does it mean to “water the roots” in our own lives?

For me, I have long worked off the principle of “pay myself first”. Put activities in my day that set me up to thrive.  To be the best I can be and to keep growing.

My twice daily meditation practice is non-negotiable.  This is me connecting to the source.  I rise early.  Time at the beginning of each day to water the roots.  Meditation, writing morning pages of reflection, yoga class or taking a walk.

What do you do in your life to water the roots?

How often do you water the roots?

Whatever you do, is it simply to help you cope, or does it support you to thrive?

For the next couple of weeks, pick one thing to do for yourself to water your roots.

Notice what begins as a discipline can become a self-sustaining practice.

For, as in nature, we water the roots not simply for the activity of watering. Also for the bountiful harvest that follows.