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Past Events

"The Art Of Relationship"

Tick Studio, 44 E3rd Street, NYC

An Expanded Perspective of a Human Experience.

This talk will introduce the Veda’s teaching on the core human experience – relationships – the source, and theatre, for our evolution and growth. This knowledge will provide us with a new perspective, and how to apply this to our personal and professional relationships, for a more elegant experience of life!

Expect an evening that is thought provoking and entertaining, with plenty of opportunity for interaction.

The evening includes a Group Meditation

Free Intro Talk to Vedic Meditation

- 1 hr - Chelsea, NYC - location confirmed on registration

Come find out more about this easy, effortless technique. Anyone can do it, no matter how busy – benefits come quickly, and keep coming.

Free of charge and no obligation to learn. If interested and this time doesn’t work,contact us at

Master Class For Meditators - "The Many Faces of Stress Release"

2 hrs, Free Of Charge - Chelsea, NYC - location confirmed on registration

Take your knowledge to another level about one of the most important aspects of our practice – stress release and the unwinding of stress.

Recognise the presence of stress release, inside and outside of meditation. Develop personal strategies for stability. What happens as your practice deepens, and how to avoid “re-cycling”.

There are only 10 places available for this class – register now to reserve your spot!

"Becoming Enlightened in New York"

Hoffman Creative, 315 W39th Street, NYC

Is this a contradiction in terms? What does it mean to live and work in a higher state of consciousness in 21st century New York – and how to cultivate this in yourself?

Stepping beyond the mystical, independent of occupation and individual circumstances, this relatable talk helps us recognise the qualities, behaviours and experiences of an “enlightened” individual – the steps to get there and keep going!

The evening includes a Group Meditation.

The Myth of "Making It Happen"

Hoffman Creative, 315 W39th Street, NYC

The mistaken belief that we “make things happen” costs us dearly. All that strain and frustration is exhausting, when all the while there’s another way.

Come to this Soft Road Talk – it’s time to debunk this myth and embrace an easier, frictionless, experience of life.

Vitality - The Holy Grail of 21st Century Living

Kasmin Gallery, 293 Tenth Avenue, NYC

The bar for personal energy is now set so low that somewhere above coping is becoming an achievement! Time to rethink and recharge our approach.

Come to this Soft Road Talk – the sparks of vitality are alive within us all – be guided where to look, how to kindle the flame, and keep it alight.

First Anniversary Group Meditation meeting

Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK

In December we held a group meditation evening to celebrate one year of teaching in Ilkley, and to recognise those students who have completed their first year of meditating. Everyone shared the benefits they experience as regular meditators.

Hubris & Leadership International Conference

Ashridge Business School, UK

Melanie participated in the “Working with Hubris in the Coaching Relationship” conference that explored the topic of leadership hubris in all its guises.

Held at one of the world’s leading business schools, the keynote speaker, Lord David Owen, a distinguished politician and doctor, is dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of hubris in public and business life.

The Soft Road in New York, USA

Hoffman Creative

In May 2016, The Soft Road gave a knowledge talk on “Trusting Your Intuition”, hosted at the studio of branding and design firm Hoffman Creative.

We also participated in a seminar on “The Art of Leadership”, taught by Thom Knoles, pre-eminent master teacher and thought leader in the integration of the cognitive sciences, human consciousness, and the 5,000 year-old body of wisdom known as the Veda.

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