Vedic Meditation

Much is known about the benefits of meditation and the reasons to practice are compelling. Why then do relatively few meditate and even fewer have a daily practice?

At The Soft Road we are master teachers of Vedic meditation, a simple, twice-daily, eyes closed technique. In our pursuits, we tried different forms of meditation but nothing took hold until we learned this technique.

What made the difference?

  • It’s easy, effortless, and enjoyable.
  • Benefits come quickly and keep on coming. From the first meditation, accumulated stress, tension, and fatigue begin to dissolve and a sense of rejuvenation is felt throughout the mind and body.
  • There are no special conditions or lifestyle changes required. This ancient technique was developed for people with busy lives, not those living in seclusion.
  • There is no strain to stop thinking; we don’t concentrate or clear the mind. In this technique, thoughts are not the enemy or a sign that you aren’t meditating correctly.
  • You learn how to meditate directly from a master teacher, in person. This technique is always learned through personal instruction, in a course consisting of a session a day, on four consecutive days.

Learning this way builds confidence and motivation to practice independently. Your teacher is available to provide ongoing personal support as you integrate Vedic meditation into your daily life.

At The Soft Road we believe a regular meditation practice is the foundation for personal and cultural transformation. It is our intention to inspire, teach, and support people to meditate, raising their state of consciousness and enriching their experience of life.

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Benefits of practicing Vedic Meditation

In life, and at work, regular practice of Vedic meditation can bring the following benefits:


The capacity to be fast, accurate and calm – all three!

 The ability to let stuff go and move on

Increased brain wave coherence improves attention span and memory

 More energy with less sleep

 Clearer thinking for improved decision-making

  Significantly increased stability and adaptability

Reduced levels of anxiety

Calmer, more patient, better listening

Improved physical and mental health and wellbeing

Reduced inner chatter and speculation

Greater happiness – feeling happy for no reason!


These benefits make a significant difference to Experience of Life. Yet, there’s a catch. You have to do it. Sit to meditate, every day, twice a day.

At The Soft Road we support people to establish meditation as a daily practice, with the steps to get there and the tools to keep going.



Meditation At Work

Behaviours and attitudes around wellness are gaining attention in public life as personal health is increasingly shown to be a driver of achievement. The links between physical fitness and higher performance, for example, are now widely accepted. Going for a run during the workday, a session at the gym: these activities are admired and even encouraged.

There is growing awareness that such pursuits—exercise, improved diet, more sleep, quitting smoking, and so forth—are only part of the picture for a high functioning human being. The needs of the time require increased capacities that are sourced in our state of consciousness and fine level of awareness.

Nowhere are these increased capacities more important than in our workplaces.

Vedic meditation is a highly effective method to systematically unwind stress and raise an individual’s state of consciousness – and with it his or her capacities and capabilities. In a group setting like the workplace, different things happen when meditators are present. Not only does the individual benefit, there are cumulative and collective benefits where a number of people meditate.

A meditator at work can expect to experience:

  • Increased resilience and better handling of stress
  • Clearer decision making
  • Better giving and receiving of feedback
  • Greater empathy
  • Ability to see both the big picture and the detail

Where there are a number of meditators in the workplace, the organisation benefits from:

  • Closer collaboration and teamwork
  • Freer flowing idea generation and sharing
  • Faster problem solving
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation

These benefits are in direct contrast to the loss of potential resulting from the alarming rise in levels of stress-related conditions in the workplace such as anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, and depression.

At The Soft Road we are committed to helping individuals and organisations achieve new levels of innovation and creativity. We are master teachers of Vedic meditation and, with our business backgrounds, we have particular expertise in the application of meditation in the workplace.

We work with organisations to create the conditions for people to learn and practice meditation, and to foster a culture where it becomes part of “how we do things around here.”

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