In developing and launching The Soft Road – our new venture and its online presence – we are blessed to work with a great team. These amazingly creative people help us turn our vision into reality and are proof positive that the quality of the journey is as important as the goal!


We appreciate and give gratitude to:

Eric Hoffman – founder at Hoffman Creative –

Eric is our creative director and has a lead role in bringing The Soft Road to life through the creation of the brand, its beautiful visual identity and online presence. He is also a master connector who introduced us to Martin, Lisa, Mauricio and Samir.


All the team at Hoffman Creative –

For the excellent creative work that makes The Soft Road, visible, accessible, and locatable. And for always making us welcome in our home away from home at the studio.


Lisa Light –

Lisa is our poet, our editor, and the one who brings so much lyricism and beauty to the language and naming of The Soft Road. She helped us capture and articulate the brand values and what The Soft Road stands for, and keeps us true to it!


Martin Crook – –

Martin shoots all imagery for the site, from the urban energy of New York to the countryside of the Yorkshire Dales. From the first meeting, Martin “got us” and has beautifully captured the essence of The Soft Road and us, the founders. He continues to help us see the world around us in new ways.


Samir Balwani – DemandHive –

Samir adds value in every interaction with his insights, advice, and guidance on all matters SEO, online advertising and marketing.


Mauricio Arango –

Mauricio is a master. He does all the programming, turning vision and design into actual web pages!


All image rights © The Soft Road Ltd.