What We Do

The Soft Road is a platform for personal and cultural transformation. We develop and deliver programs that enrich participants’ experience of life.

We offer coaching, Vedic meditation teaching, public speaking, residential Retreats, specialised tools and techniques, to individuals and groups, with an emphasis on sustainable practices that support progressive change, in life and in work.

Our customised programs include:

• Dialogue and enquiry
• 1:1 and group teaching
• Coaching
• Tutorials
• Written guides

We also travel as guest speakers and find that topical forums provide inspiration for stimulating worthy enquiry.

As speakers we can lead and participate in:

• Group teaching
• Master classes
• Knowledge talks
• Workshops
• Panels
• Conferences and Retreats

The centre of our work is the practice of Vedic meditation, but we might not always start there. Perhaps you already have a practice, or you need to build resources to be equipped to meditate consistently. At The Soft Road we meet each situation in the needs of the moment, to build a foundation for progressive change and creative action.

How We Work

At The Soft Road our aim is to empower creative action and enrich experience of life around the cultivation of five key elements:

Conditions for change
Your receptivity and capacity for change – doing different things

How you see the world and your place in it

Relationship to self
The most important connection you have

Building new capacities
Growth and development within the reach of us all

A foundation for personal transformation

We design our programs using these elements, and we support growth with ongoing training and consulting tailored to our clients’ deepening capacities over time. We stay with you and we create the right practical approaches that address different challenges and abilities as they emerge.

Our work and our programs provide new insights and learning on, among other topics:

• Meditation
• Intuition
• Unwinding stress
• Increasing clarity and creativity
• Building resilience and adaptability
• Greater happiness

As former business and technology executives, we understand the presence of overwhelm, the pressures and deadlines in modern life. We also know the joys of creative achievement. Our work is to balance these realities and so to foster the bright, active state of engagement that is the hallmark of the leading edge.

Who We Help

We find our clients are from diverse backgrounds, whilst having in common:

  • Strong appetite for change
  • Growing awareness that the quality of the journey is as important as the goal

They engage The Soft Road as their partner for transformation, as individuals or as an organisation. Addressing personal and professional development as one, we work with our clients to help them both reach and enjoy ongoing higher levels of function and creativity.

We believe creative action exists in all fields and experiences of life. People thrive in creative action whether they are artists or in corporate leadership, beginners or masters.

Every day is a creative act when we take the lead in our own lives.


People who participate in The Soft Road programs have chosen to enrich their experience of life. As they learn and grow, doing different things, adopting new habits, they are increasingly equipped to:

 Unwind stress and promote deep rest

Reduce levels of anxiety and overwhelm

Leverage the benefits of a daily meditation practice

 Gain resilience through increased stability and adaptability

 Become calm, accurate and fast

 Follow intuition that unlocks creativity

 Combine sharper focus with expansive awareness

 Demonstrate increased empathy

 Enjoy better teamwork and collaboration

 Live and work softer and smarter, not harder

On The Soft Road we enjoy these outcomes whilst we are aware that they are not solely ours to keep for ourselves, hidden and protected. The opening of these benefits empowers and equips us for creative action in our workplaces, communities, and families. And as we apply them, we experience a beautiful truth:

Happiness is not the absence of demands; it is the ability to meet them with stability and grace.